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Easy to use and setup. Clean code and design. Finally an excellent support team. Highly Recomended.




To everyone who thinks about purchasing this product – Hello!

I purchased this product a few months ago and very happy with it. A great product that is constantly updated and expanded functionality. The developer always responds to the wishes of the community and extends the functionality. The pre-service and after sales at the same height, the developer is always online and if you have any questions on the product always quickly responds and helps to solve the problem. I recommend this developer, as a good partner.




Excellent app, very well written. A few bugs which are going to be updated but the developer was happy to share the new pieces of code via email until the new version is approved and they worked great.

I wrote a radio app years ago but abandoned it in 2013 when I realised I hadn't created it to be flexible. I thought I'd revive it and use this code to do so, I'm more than happy, it has all of the features I originally wanted and I've not had to do much work to customise it to my liking.

Very cleanly written, well commented and stable.


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